Note From The Editor

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Dear Reader, 

As a bibliophile, soon-to-be English major and aspiring writer, I have always loved words and their ability to join together like jigsaw puzzle pieces to express different ideas, feelings and thoughts. A particular expression that I strongly dislike though, is the phrase ‘lost in translation’. Typically used when describing the gaps in understanding that remain when one language is translated into another, this phrase indicates a sense of incompleteness - a disconnect between what is being said, and what is being understood. 

I believe that any form of self expression, be it verbal or written is a result of actively translating our thoughts and ideas for other people, and the phrase ‘lost in translation’ just doesn’t do it for me. Here at the She Speaks Series Blog, we advocate confidence, clarity  and eloquence in self expression, and promote translating one’s ideas accurately and articulately. 

But how to translate thoughts into a voice that is not only heard, but listened to? How to create a voice that is not just received in passing, but reflected upon? A voice that is strong enough, logical enough and earnest enough to express the way you feel and at the same time, a voice capable of making a real change? It takes perseverance to believe that your voice needs to be heard. It takes support from others to reach this point. It takes a platform, to amplify your voice and to allow others to hear it. 

This is what the SheSpeaksSeries Blog is here to do. In this space, we aim to create a supportive environment in which girls can share their thoughts, feelings and ideas without fear of judgement. A place where girls can go to give and get useful information, or pieces of advice on how to deal with the issues that we all face growing up. A place where girls can go to translate their thoughts, and in doing so, find themselves, and help others find themselves.

Most importantly, this blog is a means to ensure that you, your voice and your message are found, rather than lost in translation. I urge you, push against the current. Amplify your voice. Don’t get lost in 

translation, get found in translation. 




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