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I Was Bullied!

“Life is a fight, but not everyone is a fighter”. The thing is, we all should be fighters. Has anyone posted embarrassing pictures of you, or teased you in public, but you have been too scared to say anything? If you have ever felt scared to say something, especially when you are being bullied, you shouldn’t be scared. You may be thinking, what if they bully me even more if I tell someone, or what if they tell my friends that I am a tattle tale? But, you should never let them get away with it. The truth will always be revealed, one way or another. “If there are no heroes to save you, be your own hero.” It is important that you are able to stand up and fight for yourself, because you aren’t always going to have a hero to save you.

Bullies are everywhere, they hide behind the sweetest of people, the nicest of hearts, and the most beautiful faces. It isn’t easy to figure out if your friends are talking bad about you behind your back, or if they are secretly making fun of you. But when they do it right in front of you, teachers, or your friends, that is when you can act immediately.

I was once accused of cheating by one of my friends that I have known for 6 years. I had studied all weekend for this physics test, and I worked really hard to make sure that I understood everything. I felt somewhat confident after the test was over, because I had studied really hard. But the next lesson after Physics, my friend had been speaking really loudly about me, saying that I had cheated on this test. I wasn’t in the room at that moment, but when I returned all my friends had told me what she said. Even the teacher that was in the room had heard what she had said. She mentioned that I was using my phone during the exam, and had all the answers on my phone. She also said that I cheat on every test, and that is how I get my grades. I was quite shocked and confused at the same time, because I know that I did not cheat. I immediately asked to speak to her after the class was over, as I wanted to clarify the whole situation. But before I had the chance to, she had already gone to my year leader, bringing a group of 4 others with her, and reported me. One of the girls she brought with her, wasn’t even in my Physics class. She then continued to spread rumours about how I cheated. This led my friends to believe things about me that were not true.

The next morning, my physics teacher pulls me out of my math class, in front of all my classmates. He has my paper in his hand, and he asks me if I have anything to tell him about this paper. I then realized that the issue was growing, as my year leader had informed him about the complaint against me. When I told my physics teacher that I hadn’t cheated on this test, and had in fact worked very hard, he says that he couldn’t see anything obvious on this test. That night I sent an email to my year leader and the head of student well being, making a formal complaint against her, because I felt bullied. I was very disturbed about the situation, as I know that I had not done anything wrong. Some of my friends started asking me what happened, and everyone knew about it, within one day. In the email, I explained how I worked very hard, and how this situation makes me feel very uneasy.

The Head of Student Well-Being then asked to meet me, and starting asking me questions about what exactly happened. That was when I explained to him that I had been in a previous school with her. I told him that I am still completing my first year at this school, and previously I had been friends with her at our old school. Before I moved to my current school, she was spreading false rumours about me, and telling her friends not to be friends with me. Many of the people she told, are good friends with me now, and hence when they heard about her accusation against me they told me about this. ld him that she spoke loudly about me in front of my classmates, making them question my integrity and honesty at school. As I was walking out of the meeting room, she was outside, with her gang of friends. Although I was shocked, I walked out as confident as I possibly could, showing her and her friends, that I was not scared.

The counsellor then called us both in for a meeting to discuss our differences the following day. I could see the fear in her eyes as she walked into the room. The first words came from her, and she immediately apologized. She said that she had no proof, and it was wrong of her to accuse me of something that she wasn’t 100% sure of. I asked her about why she had something against me from our previous school, she said that she didn’t have anything against me. She also said that she did not say anything to my friends about me, I didn’t really worry much about that. Towards the end, I also told the counsellor that I feel that the school is doing the right thing in trying to mend our friendship, but what about the people who still think that I cheated on that test? Since she spoke about it in class, many people assumed and still thought that I had cheated on that test. I explained about how my reputation is important to me, as it reflects my personality and who I truly am. I did not want people to assume I did things that I did not do. Even though the issue was over, I was not going to let her get away with speaking bad about me behind my back. I sent out another email to my year leader, asking her to assist me, as I wanted all my friends to know that I had not cheated.

The main point is, bullying in any form is not right. It makes the person being bullied feel small, and belittled. If someone physically bullies you (punches, kicks, hits, etc.), you should not hurt them back. That makes you the same as the person who bullied you. If you have been verbally bullied, you also should not say mean things in return. The best way to handle issues like these, are to go to an adult. It is understood that you might feel as though you are not strong enough to handle it on your own if you go to an adult. But being brave enough to tell someone about how you feel, and about how you are being bullied, is a sign of a strong person. It shows that no matter what, you do not let others treat you badly, and you can stand up for yourself. As long as you know that you are a good human being, and you have done nothing wrong, there is no harm in going to an adult. But, if you have done something wrong, like for example, if I did cheat on that test, you must own up to it immediately. Like I said, the truth is always revealed, whether it is now, tomorrow, or years after. Make sure to remember that, “whoever is trying to bring you down, is already below you“. Do not sink to their level, but you should handle it maturely and sensibly. The only way we can rise as human beings , is by lifting others



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