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( 10 - 12 YRS)

In this workshop, tweens acquire skills to cope with the pressures they face in their daily lives. From sibling rivalry to social media competition, the preteens come together to give voice to their passions and doubts, via group discussions, role playing, debating, spontaneous table topics and mini talks. The Teen workshops aims to give young girls a meaningful platform they can use to speak up. Public speaking techniques are quickly picked up as a consequence of an increase in self awareness, self esteem and confidence.

( 13 - 15 YRS)

This workshop encourages teens  to understand the influence that their friends, family and society bear upon them, as well as how they as an individual can make a difference to their friends and society.  Bullying, relationships, social media and social responsibility are discussed through public speaking exercises.  The results normally indicate more communicative individuals with a more confident and positive outlook towards life.


For many teens and young adults psychotherapy does not work. The stigma of it scares most teens, and even parents away. But what teens do need, is guidance from the outside, a wiser person they can look up to and trust. What is most effective for teens is a one-on-one relationship of support, guidance, trust and setting good intentions, then taking action on them. Mentoring works in ways that therapy doesn't. It provides input based on the current challenge they face right now and guidance as to how they can take action to better their lives. They learn to make decisions and build healthy and authentic relationships, develop social skills and learn to identify with their personal strengths. Schedule a session today.


Currently, the She Speaks Series also runs one on one sessions with individuals who are looking to brush up their public speaking skills. If you are hosting an event or if you have a talk, a presentation, a best man's speech, or an interview coming up, please contact us and we will customize a package for you. Packages include skills in first impressions, vocal variety, inflection, intonation, body language, execution, and the use of power point. Depending on your needs, we also help with the written talk itself. Stories, Statistics, Repetitive words and audience engagement bear heavily on the success of your speech. This program is open to all young men and women.


The She Speaks Series is further expanding and collaborating with like-minded people and organizations to develop new workshops. Leave us your email and stay updated on what is to come.

Contact She Speaks Series and see how I can help you overcome your personal limitations.


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